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Posted on March 3, 2023

Job Description: Police Officer - Patrol
University Job Code and Global Title: 4118 – Police Officer
The University Police Department’s job description is based off a job task analysis. The
University has assigned job code 4118 to this position and it is graded at GGS-9 (Police
Officer). The University’s Global Title for this position is Police Officer. See information
on Human Resources web page for University global titles, job codes, and grading.
Supervision: The Police Officer shall report to the designated supervisor.
The Patrol Officer is a uniformed position and is responsible for ensuring the safety and
security of the community as well as university property by patrolling their assigned area
by motor vehicle, bicycle, utility cart, or on foot to prevent, discover, and deter the
commission of crime, enforce university rules and regulations, enforce state statutes
and city ordinances, provide personal and property security, and traffic law
General Responsibilities:
- Provide necessary assistance and take appropriate action based on analysis of
situation and facts. Observe and make note of suspicious persons, possible
violators, hazardous conditions or unusual situations.

- Check buildings and property following security procedures; noting and reporting
evidence of damage and possible break-ins.
- Observe public or student gatherings and analyze developments to determine
need for action.
- Respond to emergency alarms and dispatched calls regarding a variety of
services including: illness, accidents, disturbances, crime and other acts against
persons or property, animal control, and motorist assistance.
- Assist in parking enforcement activities including issuing citations and ordering
vehicle removals.
- Perform traffic control duties, directing automobile and pedestrian traffic to
maintain safe and efficient flow.
- Issue warnings or citations to drivers when violations of motor vehicle laws are
- Administer field sobriety tests and conduct impaired driving investigations.
- Conduct preliminary and follow up investigations of incidents as necessary;
collect and preserve physical evidence, protect crime scene, interview suspects
and witnesses, and files appropriate reports as directed by federal, state or local
legal requirements.
- Prepare court cases and provide legal testimony in response to subpoena.
- Make arrests and maintain custody of individuals.
- Process arrested individuals by taking photographs, obtaining fingerprints, writing
arrest reports, and transport violators to jail when necessary.
- Provide escort service for designated individuals and money messengers.
- Render first aid as needed, following prescribed procedures and victim/personal
safety precautions.
- Provide general assistance and information to community members and visitors.
- Assist federal, state, county and city law enforcement authorities as requested or
- Prepare and file daily reports of criminal incidents, accidents, and tickets issued
in prescribed format to include all necessary forms and paperwork.
- Work special events and other overtime assignments.
- May serve in role of Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Field
Training Officer, Officer in Charge, and other Specialized Positions.
- Maintain proficiency with all equipment and technology.
- Perform related duties as assigned.
- Physical demands: Maintain the minimum physical abilities as related to job
function and performance.
o Must be able to communicate effectively and listen for extended time
o Must be able to feel attributes of objects, grasp, push, drive, stand, walk,
reach with hands/arms, stoop/crouch, climb/balance, and operate
mechanical equipment.
o Must have visually evaluate situations and must have sufficient hand-eye
coordination to operate issued equipment.
o Must be able to input data into a computer and operate all related
electronic/computing equipment.
o Must be able to engage in foot pursuits/effect forcible arrests.
o Must demonstrate ability to meet all physical standards by passing
medical exam.

MU Police Department

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